Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jealousy: Petty, or Intuitive?

I've never considered myself to be a jealous person. I have however been accused of being one at times.
In each of those cases the outcome has been consistent.
The person I was accused of being jealous of has proven to have had ulterior motives behind their friendship with or interest in my significant other.

Are there people who are unreasonably defensive and are automatically suspicious of anyone who displays any interest in their partner? Absolutely. But those people are generally either doing something that they shouldn't themselves ( and are therefore on edge and distrustful), OR have serious lack of trust in their relationship and significant other.

I have learned that if I am generally confident in my relationship, and suddenly I find myself suspicious of someones interactions with my husband, or just about that person in general.. its for good reason.

In any case, I dislike that it gets brushed away as my being "jealous", especially because it is not my normal reaction in such cases. Also the word Jealous by definition is the state of being envious of something someone else has. Therefore.. if it's in regards to MY husband, its not jealousy. Its an awareness of when someone is threatening my turf. Its instinct and intuition kicking in so that I can defend my family unit.

In short. If you're not a generally jealous person.. and you feel those alarm bells going off. Listen to them. Odds are that someone is encroaching on your territory and you're feeling the instinct to defend it kicking in.
Jealousy is not the same thing.

Go ahead an be jealous of someones house, or shoes, or job... but if its your relationship? That's not Jealousy.
Listening to your sixth sense about someone else is just old fashioned good instinct. Do your self a favor. Don't discount your gut.

( sorry for the non pretty posts lately.. I've been short on time and haven't been able to decorate them up like usual.)


  1. That sounds just like my wife! Although I still can't figure out what she sees in me it obviously is good enough to get her hackles up!

    1. :) It a good thing that she likes you.