Monday, April 9, 2012

Give yourself permission.

Do it! 
Right now!

What do you need?

Give yourself permission to do that.

Do you need a day off from everything?
Shut off your phone, leave town, lock the door, rent a hotel room, put your email on vacation. Take a real day off. You have permission.

Do you need to make a stand with someone?
Collect your thoughts. speak plainly and kindly. Set healthy boundaries. Make your self clear. You have permission.

Do you need to take care of something for you?
Call and make the appointment. Buy the item. You have permission.

Do you feel liberated yet? 
You are set free. 

You don't need any one's permission but your own. You are always the one in charge of you. No one else is making your choices for you.

Go make those decisions. You always have permission.. if you give it to yourself.


  1. You may give yourself permission to do whatever...just remember you will have to answer to others. Mostly God.
    Best wishes to you, nice to meet you. Ruby

  2. It's so important to allow yourself to do what it is you need, and hard to make space to even pause for a moment to breathe freely. For me it's a matter of choosing thoughtfully.

    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  3. Agree! We also have control on how to react or not react to a situation, and we cannot control anyone's behavior but our own.

    Thanks for posting.