Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dividing my time.

Been thinking a lot lately about work/life balance, and making sure that things are prioritized properly, which leads to my short post and a question for today..

Ideally I'd love to see things balanced out 25% work, 25% kids, 25% husband, 25% Me for my waking hours.

It was more like 50% Work, 30% Kids 15% Husband 5% Me.. so I made some adjustments because I thought my work was taking away from my time with the family. re prioritized some things there.. and right about now we have about..

40% Work, 35% Kids, 20% Husband, and 5% Me.

As you can see we made some headway in all areas except one...

So, is this normal? Are all working moms in this vortex of  "time exists only for other people"?

Sometimes I wonder if other people have a system for dividing their time, that makes all this and time to regroup and decompress possible, and its some crazy secret that you have to be told.. and then a light bulb goes on, and you're instantly able to do it all and still have time to relax.. because I swear I know people who know how, but they're not telling.

what do you think? how's your time division worked out?

oh, and PS.. if you know the secret to getting it all done and still having time, send it to me. I promise I wont tell.


  1. I have no secret. My division is much like yours... except you have managed to squeeze in the 5% - good for you! - Lori

  2. Like you, I am in the mindset of "everyone else comes first." Maybe self sacrifice is just the nature of being mom? I wish I was able to get in 5% "me" time. What's the secret to being able to get that??

    1. its a rough estimate. I figure its somewhere between 1% and that most days ;)

  3. I have found that it is so important to plan and set time specifically away for a date with your spouse or alone time. For me, if I wait for the time to just suddenly appear, it'll never happen. But, if my husband and I look at the calendar, find a time that works, arrange a sitter in advance, etc., it will happen for sure.

    Another lesson I've learned is t hat you have to learn how to say no and be okay with it. Last week, I got an e-mail from a good friend of mine asking if I wanted to go out to dinner. I looked at my schedule and realized if I did go out with her, that'd leave me with only one night to put my daughter to bed. The rest of the nights I was working. So, I told her I couldn't. And I felt bad that I couldn't see her, but knew tucking my daughter into bed at night trumps an evening away from her, even if it would've been fun to have a girls night out.