Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coffee is like $100.00. ( or, sometimes I am a girl.)

So, Generally I am not very girly about things in the whole emotionally girly type of way. I don't usually do the  I expect you to read my mind and do what I want you to, and if you don't I will be upset at you and give you the silent treatment thing. This is not my usual style. I'm a fairly direct person. OK... I'm a really direct person. but every once in a great while the girl hormones get the best of me and my poor husband gets caught in the cross fire. Let me set the scene.

Its my day off. Which happens about once every 23 months. I am PMS'ing like a MOFO, which also only happens about once every 23 months. I was unreasonably tired, as in there was NO reason for me to be as tired as I was. the morning went something like this.

G Gets up a takes our oldest child to school and lets me sleep in ( Yay!)
Then G comes back to bed and starts trying to wake me up ( not yay.)
I Tell G "I'm so fucking tired. I really need coffee."
G goes and feed the middle kids breakfast and lets me stay in bed (more Yay!)
G comes back to bed and starts trying to wake me up again ( NOoooo.)
I tell G " Seriously. I'm Sooo tired. I REALLY need some coffee.. like yesterday."
G puts on show for Youngest.
G Gets tired of waiting for me to wake up and gets on his computer to play games for a bit.
I get pissed that I still don't have coffee and get up all stomp-y like and start banging around the kitchen making coffee.
I spend all morning sighing loudly and acting butt-hurt and getting mad at G for every little thing.
I have a long conversation in my head where I call G lots of names, the nicest of which is "daft", because he couldn't put together something as simple as the fact that I wanted him to start the effing coffee maker.
I find a post from my friend who compares someone bringing you coffee in bed to a non-coffee drinker having someone bring you 100.00 in bed every morning to wake you up.
I get more mad because G is depriving me of 100.00 worth of happiness in the mornings. and its not even costing him anything other than 2 minutes to turn the stupid coffee maker on.

Then I finish my coffee, that I made. And for some reason once my blood had reached a reasonable operational level of caffeine content I was able to see how insane I was being. Otherwise known as typical girl behavior.

So, I sat G down. I explained that I know he has been trained to expect that if I want him to do something I will just tell him what I want, but that when my stupid uterus hormones get the better of me I do need him to do a little thinking of his own. if I repeat 3 or 4 times in 1 hour that I'm super tired and I NEED coffee ( especially in a whiny girl voice), than its a safe bet to assume that I want him to go get me some effing coffee.
I also explained my friends 100.00 vs coffee analogy.

Yesterday morning, I got a big green cup with 100.00 worth of happiness delivered to me in bed. :) Sometimes my Husband rocks.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cold and Flu Season: aka The germy little bastards are back in school

We are now 3 weeks into school. this year I have 2 kids in school. Sweetsy Started Kindergarten this year. its been 5 years since Bugga was in K and I had forgotten how good the little school kids are about sharing every stinking germ or virus or parasite or speck of grime they come in contact with. I know that they really work to enforce sharing in those classes but this seems like over kill to me.

So, 3 weeks in.... we haven't even hit the annual flu shoot out date which is usually when I can time Bugga getting sick by ( flyer comes home, we mark the calender for 8 days after it starts and magically we have predicted the exact date that JT will come home sick).. and every single kid in my house other than Bugga is sick. 

I'm going to go have my kids dig around in the dirt this weekend in the sun and see if we can improve their immune response because if this is an indicator of how things are going to be thing year its going to be a LONG LONG winter. 

better start stocking up on EO's and Vit D.

Good luck to all you mommas who are sending your germy little bastards back to school too. I'm praying for your sleep and sanity. Lord knows we're going to need it.