Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whats your relationship to excitment? - The Burning Question Series

Well... My relationship to excitement is detached.

I'm not one to get all "woohoo!!!" about things.

I used to be. My kids are. My husband is. I am the sole and solitary sound of realism in my house.

At work.. well, there are very few things to be excited about. I've felt for a long time that if you don't get too excited, than you don't get too disappointed. 

I'm the solid, reasonable, steady person in my home, in my social circles. This has served me, and those around me, well. At least I thought it has.

In reality, maybe it has dampened my enthusiasm. Maybe I've become less passionate about things. Maybe I burn less brightly than I should because I am so far "down to earth". Maybe I murder the fun in my home sometimes.. and limit myself to ideas that are less exciting but more realistic.

Is that what I want? What I really, deep down, firing from the ground up, want

So my real answer this week is:

My relationship to excitement is damaged... and I need to set about fixing it right away.
Starting with little things, like getting really excited about Easter.. and Passover ( Mmm Curry).. and dinner.. and new episodes of favorite shows.. and other things that ( if I let them) make my soul say "WooHoo!" just a little. 


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