Monday, March 5, 2012

The Boat I Need To Burn ( as soon as I arrive)

I skipped last weeks burning question since I just don't have the answer to it yet... I haven't been feeling revolutionary, so I'm giving it more thought. I waited (im)patiently for this weeks. And then it came.. and I wanted to run. I felt Gut-Punched. Terrified. Frozen.

What Boat Do You Need to Burn?
I only have one boat! Its the boat I'm on. Its the boat I put my whole family on. Its the boat that I was counting on carrying us onward.

But then..
Do I want to stay afloat forever??
Wouldn't we fare better if we were on solid ground? If we were more independent.. somewhere that if there's a hole in the boat we wont sink? do we even have a life raft?? Good lord this is scary.
I'd rather just ignore it and keep floating along, right?? 

I cant un-hear it though. Its there. The call to land. The call to get somewhere steady and firm and where I can build my own thing. And all I can think now is: I have to get there soon. Before this old boat that is far too weighed down sinks. Before I go crazy from being at sea too long and steer all of us in never ending circles. And as soon as I arrive, I WILL burn that boat.. And I will Dance! Furiously, Joyfully, around the flames. I will let it warm my endeavors and offer up gratitude that it carried us that far.

Its not ready to be burned yet, I have yet to see land. And because of that, I cannot say what the name of my boat is. But the day that I set it aflame, I will invite you all to come dance in its glow and celebrate with me. Hopefully soon..
Brightly, and Beautifully, and Peacefully.


  1. Arie,
    I love your honesty & writing style. How delightful to wave to you (me on the island, you passing in your boat) via answering of this 'burning question'. I have a feeling our paths will cross again soon. ~ Loralee

    1. Thank you for the kind words and the wave back! :) I hope our paths do.

  2. Love your answer. How very... *real.* xoxo

  3. Hi there! Names Bushman. yes it's legit. Grabbed your name off the A to Z list. I know your supposed to follow the 5 under you but I'll be honest I just paid them a visit and well......was left slightly lacking. I scrolled the page and saw your title and thought now that is honest so here I am. Just wanted to say hey and I'll be back to read on April 1st.