Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Universe Set me Up! ( damn it)

Sometimes I just want to bitch about things, and complain, and be grumpy, and act helpless, and make everyone around me miserable. And that's exactly how today started out. Nothing was going as planned, I was feeling put out, and put upon, and didn't want to put up with it. And because the whole damn world wasn't going to cooperate with me, I was going to take it out on everyone in it. So THERE!!

Yes, I am aware of how this is making me sound, but you've been there too. admit it. you know it, and I know it.  Own it and move on.

So, I was busy sulking, yelling at my kids, whining to my husband, and doing absolutely nothing to fix anything, OH yes.. and sitting on my butt browsing facebook, when the universe came out and gave me a quick bitchslap across the face.

 Not nice universe, not nice at all.

See a few days ago when I was feeling motivated and positive and there was all this awesome craziness that was coming my way and the energy was flowing well I found and re-posted a link to a article on . Its easy to feel good about life when things are going your way right?? and this was just another awesome little thing I found to reinforce that whole " life is great:" feeling I was having.

So back to today: Bitchy mean version of me is sulking and wallowing in self pity while on facebook, and I notice that there's an article on's news feed by Danielle LaPorte ( same lady that runs the site). I would not have EVER clicked on the link had that name not jumped out at me. But it did, So I did. and here's what I found.

This is the last thing I wanted to hear. I was enjoying feeling helpless and like the universe was plotting against me and all the things I needed to get done, but it was also exactly what I needed to hear.

So, you see, the universe was plotting against me. Days ago. Weeks ago. Possibly for years. And it helped me to find exactly what I needed ( NOT what I wanted) to get me to stop whining and start doing today. and it'll probably give me exactly what I need ( and again not what I want) tomorrow and next week and next year.

All these little things that are incidental. unimportant. they are all little pieces of what path we are on.
Sometimes we just need a little pep talk to make us put it all together.

By the way, I got everything done that I was whining about except for going to the post office, and that I can do tomorrow.  Damn it. ;)

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