Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sparkles, and Sunshine, and all that happy shit. ( Or. Don't let the assholes get you down.)

this probably wont make any sense to you, but that's ok. I'm pretty sure when I read it back it wont make sense to me either.
about a week and a half ago I got dragged into work on my day off last minute when I had no car and no sitter to talk with my boss about stuff he wanted fixed which included the fact that he thinks I have a "bad attitude" which is fine. I mean I'm probably much less of a pansy than most of the people he's used to bullying and not listening too. All in all it was a pain in the ass, and it pissed me off that they have so little respect for my time that even KNOWING it was my day off he planned to come on that day and didn't talk to me about it first.
I refuse to let it bother me too badly, and after smoking 2 Cigarettes back to back I went home and decided I'd better figure out a way to handle this since I cant just quit seeing as I'm the primary income for our family.
The conclusion I came to is this: In order to save my sanity and my income I was going to have to become a fucking unicorn. Like this guy.
  All Sparkles and sunshine and happy shit. Also, totally fake. fictional. non-existent.
Normally I'm all about being real, and if that makes me a bitch than so be it. However, when we're talking about my ability to buy food for my kids, or keep a roof over their head.. well compromises have to be made.
So, I channel my inner Southern Belle. I'm all sweetness and smiles, and southern drawl.
This has been my mode of operation since the day after this "meeting". and guess what? I've had a HELLA GOOD WEEK AT WORK.
Maybe unicorns are magical for real. ;)

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