Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cold and Flu Season: aka The germy little bastards are back in school

We are now 3 weeks into school. this year I have 2 kids in school. Sweetsy Started Kindergarten this year. its been 5 years since Bugga was in K and I had forgotten how good the little school kids are about sharing every stinking germ or virus or parasite or speck of grime they come in contact with. I know that they really work to enforce sharing in those classes but this seems like over kill to me.

So, 3 weeks in.... we haven't even hit the annual flu shoot out date which is usually when I can time Bugga getting sick by ( flyer comes home, we mark the calender for 8 days after it starts and magically we have predicted the exact date that JT will come home sick).. and every single kid in my house other than Bugga is sick. 

I'm going to go have my kids dig around in the dirt this weekend in the sun and see if we can improve their immune response because if this is an indicator of how things are going to be thing year its going to be a LONG LONG winter. 

better start stocking up on EO's and Vit D.

Good luck to all you mommas who are sending your germy little bastards back to school too. I'm praying for your sleep and sanity. Lord knows we're going to need it. 

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  1. yuck. this is how our year was last year (jameson's kindergarten year - new school, new kids, new germs). it was awful. hope this is it for you guys and you can kick it quickly and for good for this year!